A pair of these arrived at my door today. http://empirepaintball.com/empire-lt...s-alpha-orange

I'm sure all the pros know everything about pants but for newer folks, here's my take on the Empire ltd tht pants:

I am between a 32 and 33 waist at the moment. I must have looked at the wrong Empire sizing chart because what I saw was adult size M = 32-34. The pants I received are size M and say 34-36. I checked another chart on Empire and it does indeed say adult M = 34-36. Anyways, it's not a problem because for 34-36, these fit pretty snug so no worries there. They are quite a bit long (as to be expected, I'm 5'7) but the cinches at the bottom keep them from sagging over shoes pretty well.

They feel great except for the padding on the legs. Perhaps it's because they are new but the lower half of the legs are very bulky. The padding on the inner leg rub pretty hard. I'm sure after time the bulk will wear down. The pads look and feel thick to the touch but I will still be wearing my Dye pads because when you put your full weight on your knees, it's not exactly comfortable.

If you didn't feel like clicking the Empire link, these come with most of the bells and whistles. Lumbar padding, some hip padding, mesh interior for ventilation, pockets for swabs, padding for your peener (if applicable to you), microfiber cloth attached inside a pocket, etc...

Won't get to use them for about a week but if there's anything that I feel is appropriate to add after a day of play, I will update.