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Thread: PPP Bully Lube and Revitalize Goggle Cleaner - Dow55 as well!

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    Cool PPP Bully Lube and Revitalize Goggle Cleaner - Dow55 as well!

    At Paradigm Paintball Products, we understood the need for a quality goggle cleaner that extended the life of a goggle lens. After 4 years of testing, we finally brought our product to the market.

    Our final version of goggle cleaner has recieved rave reviews from our testers. Here is what one tester had to say-

    It leaves your lens clean and spotless while ensuring that you do not scratch your lens as you wipe it. It fills in small scratches and restores the quality of vision provided by the lens.

    I also have some of out Bully Lube for sale as well. Bully Lube is similar to the lube used and recommended by Angel Techs for years. It has better viscosity compared to Dow 33 and is slicker while lasting longer.

    It is a synthetic food grade PTFE grease that does not have the harsh smell of some other lubes on the market. It shares the same base ingredient as some of the other high quality paintball lubricants on the market.

    It comes in unscented and sweet berry scent!

    Also shown(on the left) is Dow 55, which we also sell.

    Here is what others had to say about Bully Lube-
    "I can vouch for the Bully Lube. 100% synthetic and has really great lubrication properties. Thickness is perfect, no nasty smell, and slicker than snot. No nonsense. It's the one on the right in the pic" - Dr. Strangelove(Well known in the Angel community)

    Prices are-
    •$9 for Revitalize Goggle Cleaner(8oz Bottle)
    •$5 for Bully Lube(1/4oz jar)
    •$4 for Dow 55(1/4oz Jar)

    Prices include shipping!
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