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Thread: 5 vs 5 Mag fed Challenge at Command Decisions

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    5 vs 5 Mag fed Challenge at Command Decisions

    I've been running a lot of test mag fed games over the last few months trying to come up with a format to take nation wide for those interested in playing mag fed. Command Decisions (home of Fulda Gap) was kind enough to host the first full blown event. The write up below is from a friend of mine Micheal Patti.

    Doug Brown

    Fantasticdamage and I arrived at Command Decisions Wargames Center at 0830 on a crisp and beautiful Saturday morning ready to play some 5v5 magfed paintball. Doug from Psiops, Ferg and Greenman from Command Decisions, as well as several other mag fed shooters were already there getting their gear in order when we arrived. Lee from MagWell gave me a few MILF’s (Mags I’d Like to Find) to label my magazines with as I loaded up. Everyone got settled in and we were briefed on the rules of the day:

    1.It was to be a classic center flag format where each team attempted to take the flag (in this case a colorfully decorated ammo can) to the opposing teams start point.

    2.The games were to be 10 minutes long and were to be run back to back as quickly as possible so every team would get as many opportunities to play as could be allowed.

    3. 150 round limit per player

    4. Semi auto only

    5. Have fun.

    The first few games were a bit of a learning experience for everyone as not all of us had played together in a team setting, while others were completely new to magfed play. I was playing with the guys from MagWell and really got a feeling for how much more aggressive we all could play when not having to worry about catching a 13bps rope every time I made a mistake. You could grab large parts of the field off the break by pushing hard and fast, but then had to avoid the trap of bunkering down as the 10 minute time limits forced you to make a move as opposed to trying to wait out the other guy.

    Frankly, everyone had a blast, running around bunkers hoping to catch opponents off guard, flanking through the woods as quickly and quietly as possible, or just bum rushing the other guys right up the middle and hope not to get hit. I did learn the importance of paying close attention to the rules as one round I found myself running around with the flag tagging every structure in sight until I found the one I was supposed to take it to.
    We broke for lunch around 1330 and were given a surprise by Greenman and Ferg, instead of continuing the 5v5 challenge we would be playing a 1 hour mini scenario. The teams from the 5v5 game were split up into teams of 12 and given 1 hour to complete them. An interesting twist Ferg threw into the works was a stationary machine gun at each teams’ base that couldn’t be moved, but could be supplied with as much paint as the team was willing to dump into it. He also had a small group of walk on players with a 200 round hoppers full of paint waiting for us at the first objective to serve as a guerrilla force.

    The team I was assigned to play with was made up mostly of individuals who hadn’t played at CDWC before and those who had weren’t familiar with this portion of the field. Essentially I was volunteered into coming up with a strategy and boy what a basic strategy it was. Run straight for two of the objectives off the break and try to beat the other team to the objective. I knew that the other team would have to run up hill and we had nice flat terrain.

    Game on finds us all bolting down the road with me leading us down the trail. As we approached the first objective I immediately took fire from one of the guerrillas that I answered with a double tap on the run right into his goggles. How I did this I have no idea, but I felt like a BAMF because it was one of the best shots I have ever made in my life. After taking him out I ducked into the nearest cover as the rest of our team proceeded to blow through the guerrillas in a matter of seconds.

    We found two “hostage” mannequins, which was the first objective and a box of ammo for our fixed machine gun which was the second objective inside the same house at the end of the trail. Our team immediately secured them and retreated back to our CP just as the opposing forces began to arrive. The third objective was to defend a bridge against the attempts by the opposition to plant a satchel charge.

    As we had captured the first objectives so quickly we were faced with the task of defending the bridge for nearly an hour in a limited paint game. We managed to hold off the onslaught with a combination of good flanking maneuvers and using our stationary machine gun to keep the enemy forces at bay. Eventually with less than 5 minutes remaining and most of our forces running low on paint the enemy team managed to place the satchel and blow the bridge. Despite this failure we managed to eke out a victory due to our early success outweighing the destruction of the bridge.

    After the game ended I thought back on the day’s events and realized I had learned a few things.

    1. Mag fed play adds a considerable amount of excitement to smaller games.

    2. The 5v5 format, quick turnaround times, and the hard work of Greenman and Ferg allowed us to get in an immense amount of paintball compared to a normal walk on day.

    3. Tac caps are not an adequate substitute for mag fed markers. In the final game when the total paint load outs were unlimited, one could pick out the tac cap markers just by the amount of paint they were putting out.

    4. We all realized that, as Doug Brown so eloquently stated, “Fair is fun” and nothing is more fair than magfed play.

    5. Having magazine identifiers like the MILFS is a god send as I would’ve lost a thirty five dollar magazine if I hadn’t had a nice informative label on it.

    Lastly I have to put in a HUGE shout out to Andrew Ferguson and Billy “Greenman” Ford for putting on an outstanding game. This is just one of dozens of games I have played at Command Decisions they always have great great games, greats refs and great fun.

    ODX 5 vs 5.jpgFanDam Lee 5 vs 5.jpgKent 5 vs 5.jpgLee 5 vs 5.jpgMke Patti 5 vs 5.jpg
    You can see more pictures from the game at the PsiOps Facebook page here

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    Looks like a blast!

    I love competitive limited paint play... really gets the adrenaline going!

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    Great write up Doug! I need to get out there with you guys soon.

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