Heres a quick review of a pps brass barrel with an autococker setup. First, the custom aspect of the barrel: I ordered the barrel in the 16in length, black dust paint, linear porting and wedgits installed. The marker that was used was a relatively stock 2k autococker, with a detonator reg to control consistency. The paintballs used were Nelson hot spot local field paint, which were extremely fresh with no dimples or out of round shaped.

The day was less than perfect i.e: thunderstorms, but that didnt seem to effect accuratcy very much seeing out of four opposing players I consistently shot 1-2 in the head three games in the row. After that, I was unable to continue the testing due to heavy rain and lightning strikes. I have to say that I also was only using a 40 rd hopper and that lasted me all three games.

In conclusion, with only a test and not a real full review, I must say that this barrel is incredible. This weekend hopefully I can get a full review for all day's worth of use but, so far I'd say its a keeper. If only I knew how great this barrel was 13yrs ago, it wouldve saved me from buying any other barrel out there.