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Thread: Anybody running with a Contour GPS?

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    I like both cameras but chose the Contour for several reasons. The main one is depth. If you watch Arson's video, specially the scene where you can see the target in the distance, it looks 100 yards away on the Go pro and about half that on the contour. I gave up some picture quality in exchange for better depth, which I'm okay with. My second reason is due to my helmet which is a JT spectra flex 8. The Go Pro only had two options that would work with that helmet. Permanently attach a mount to the top (I do not want the mount on when I'm not using it) or cut holes in my helmet for the vented helmet strap. Neither of those options worked for me and I'm not buying a new mask just to use a camera.

    The Contour had two different helmet strap mounts that work perfectly. Now I can use it on my mask, my ski helmet, and a regular hat if I chose.

    Both cameras work well, look at the pros and cons of each and see which one works best for you. The Contour works better for my situation, now I can't wait to use it this weekend at Band of Brothers.

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    That's a good input sammot. Gives me a bit more to think about.
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