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Thread: Blackcell C-Series

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    Blackcell C-Series

    I had this barrel for a good wile now. It was the last thing I ever bought from Special Ops Paintball and it was on sale for abot $40.00. I went with the 14 inch version for accuracy and it's devistator tip (it resembles the flash suppresser on an AR15). Back in July, I got the chance to use it. I will say that it was decent at best though I was shooting U.S. Army paint from my local surplus shop. For my needs it was good but after my use of it, I'd really recomend investing in a bore kit to up the accuracy. As far as my artistic side it was the 3rd part of my battle rifle project. It may not be perfect but it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGBOSS_202 View Post
    I'd really recomend investing in a bore kit to up the accuracy.
    Unlike milk, that is ALWAYS a good choice
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    He got fresh with me so I had to keep my pimp hand strong.

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    man i just got one of these barrels and man it looks sick on my phenom/A5
    but havnt had a chance to use it


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