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  1. Star Series Frostbite Open 2014 Highlight | 4-Man Paintball
  2. GHP3 Greg Hastings Paintball Video Game - Developer's Vlog # 1
  3. Register for the 2015 Generals Cup

    By Israel L.
    One of Florida’s fastest growing scenario events is almost upon us. The event spans 3 days and draws 400 players from around the South East. Learn more at:
  4. Greg Hastings Paintball 3 Video Game and Social Paintball League Join Forces

    By Israel L.
    Play SPL for a chance to have your team featured in the video game. Tampa, FL: Greg Hastings Paintball 3 (GHP3) and Social Paintball League (SPL) are teaming up to showcase the best of...
  5. Social Update: Cody Mickowski Paintball Interview - TMG Outlaws Going Pro
  6. TPOC 2015 Leg1 - Thailand Paintball Official Circuit
  7. 2015 SPL Treasure Coast Open | Event Highlight | Florida Paintball
  8. 2015 PSP "True Semi" Pro Paintball Team Reactions & Interviews: Upton 187 Crew and ac
  9. Social Update: Los Angeles Infamous' Drew Templeton | Paintball Interview
  10. A Few Words with Alex Goldman of LA Infamous

    By Alan Outeiral
    After learning that Alex Goldman was joining LA Infamous this past week, we decided to reach out and pick his brain on a few paintball, and non paintball, happenings. As you will...
  11. Tombstone Scenario Recap and Gallery

    By Jared "Snake" Thomas
    Ryan Gray is one of the hardest working men in paintball. As owner of Avid Extreme Sports he’s been a coach, manager, pro team owner, retailer, distributor,—you name it—and...
  12. Alex “Mouse” Goldman Signs with LA Infamous

    By Alan Outeiral
    Alex “Mouse” Goldman will be joining Trevor Resar on Los Angeles Infamous for the 2015 PSP season. The stand out snake player from Mission Viejo, California has been a part of top...
  13. Paintball Fly Cam - 2014 Scenario & Woodsball Edition
  14. Child's Play - Social Snapshot™ | Paintball Team Profile
  15. Vicious’ Trevor Resar Joins LA Infamous

    By Alan Outeiral
    Vicious will live on in spirit in the PSP as Trevor Resar makes the move to Los Angeles Infamous. Infamous made the announcement today via their Facebook page. Resar was a key...
  16. Demetrius Ninios and San Antonio X-Factor Part Ways

    By Israel L.
    In what seems like a bizarre Monday in the professional paintball world, Demetrius “Meter” Ninios has announced that he has parted ways with San Antonio X-Factor. Just two years ago we...
  17. Dalton Vanderbyl Back to San Diego Dynasty

    By Israel L.
    Dalton Vanderbyl has just announced via Instagram that he is returning to San Diego Dynasty. Dalton returns to the team that he was with from 2011 through 2013, before making the...
  18. Alex Rodriguez Leaves the LA Ironmen

    By Israel L.
    Alex Rodriguez has decided to leave the Los Angeles Ironmen. ARod posted a message on his Facebook page (the link is only available to his Facebook “friends”) stating that he has...
  19. Tampa Bay Damage Retires from Paintball

    By Israel L.
    Tampa Bay Damage has decided to retire from professional paintball. The perennial title contenders are coming off of a solid 2014 season where they finished in 2nd Place in the overall...
  20. 2015 SPL Treasure Coast Open Champions’ Club

    By Israel L.
    The second event of the Social Paintball League, the 2015 SPL Treasure Coast Open, has officially concluded. We’d like to thank every player, every team, every family, every referee,...
  21. 2014 SPL Gulf Coast Open Champions’ Club

    By Israel L.
    The inaugural event of the Social Paintball League, 2014 SPL Gulf Coast Open, has officially concluded. We’d like to thank every player, every team, every family, every referee,...
  22. 2015 SPL (Social Paintball League) Event Schedule Announced

    By Israel L.
    Social Paintball is pleased to announce the full events calendar for the 2015 Social Paintball League season in Florida. The next event will be the Sunshine State Open in March. We’ll...
  23. Paintball Movie | “Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard” (2015) Exclusive Trailer

    By Israel L.
    A new paintball movie that stars Ryan Greenspan and Ollie Lang of San Diego Dynasty is being released. The rural town of Elwood has always been a “bubble” against the backdrop of an...
  24. Paintball Movie | Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard (2015) Exclusive Trailer
  25. 2014 Paintball World Cup Asia Langkawi | PALS WCA
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