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  1. Living Legends 7 Paintball Battle | LL7 | CPX Sports
  2. 2014 EPL South Paintball - Event 3 | FirstCall Challenge
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    2014 PSP MAO Paintball
  4. 2014 PSP Chicago Divisional Finals - Raw Paintball Footage
  5. Tri Delta Sorority Annual Paintball Event - Blitzkrieg Field, Tampa, FL
  6. Montreal Image | Open Division 1 Paintball Team | 2014 Millennium Series European Mas
  7. Kuwait Paintball Tournament 7 | Kuwait City
  8. Top 5 Stories from the 2014 PSP Chicago Open

    By Byron Woodfork
    Watching the matches of the Chicago PSP Open honestly made me fall in love with paintball again. Unlike the Mid-Atlantic Open, there were no ridiculously long low scoring matches...
  9. Chapter 5 of Internal Damage, “Chopping Block”

    By Israel L.
    Episode 5 of “Internal Damage.” An original Social Paintball Series that documents the 2014 Tampa Bay Damage professional paintball season. We will showcase the ups, downs, and...
  10. PSP Chicago: The Right Questions

    By Mike McGowan
    For the best answers, sometimes you have to ask the right questions. While we now know the outcome, this should highlight what we learned on our crossing into the second half of the...
  11. Internal Damage, Chapter 5: Chopping Block | Tampa Bay Damage Paintball Documentary
  12. 2014 EPL North - Event 2 | Garden State Paintball Open
  13. 2014 AXBL-Lite - Event 2 | G.I. Sportz Open | Cousins Dallas
  14. 2014 PSP Chicago Thursday/Friday Preview Photo Gallery

    By Israel L.
    It’s Saturday and the PSP Chicago Open has gotten off to a muddy start. Here’s a preview gallery from Thursday and Friday that we’ve put together to hold you over. Our own Rick...
  15. 2014 EPL Mid-Atlantic - Event 2 | Free State Classic
  16. Interview with Baltimore Revo, Going Pro at PSP Chicago

    By Charles Dean
    For the third event of the 2014 Paintball Sports Promotions season, a new pro team will be entering the ranks of the Challengers division. That team is Baltimore Revo. These guys...
  17. 2014 Champions Paintball Series - CPS Arena Party - Sprimont, Belgium
  18. PGPL - Event 2 | Playground Paintball League Official Highlight
  19. 2014 NCPA College Paintball National Championships Highlight
  20. 2014 EPL South - Event 2 | Mid-South Open of Paintball
  21. 2014 European Masters | Bitburg, Germany - Millennium Series Paintball Highlights
  22. Living Legends 7 Scenario Game Recap

    By Jared "Snake" Thomas
    Paintball scenario or rock concert? That’s what kept running through my mind as I browsed the vendor area at Living Legends 7. The bright, neon colors of the Virtue booth,...
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    PSP MAO 2014 - Paintball
  24. 2014 PSP Chicago Open Field Layout

    By Israel L.
    The PSP has released the 2014 PSP Chicago Open Field Layout! Below is the grid, plus two 3D shots. Source
    Source:, 2014 PSP Chicago Open Field Layout...
  25. AXBL-Lite Event 2 Scores and Photos

    By Charles Dean
    Here are the AXBL-Lite Event 2 results plus a preview gallery from Cameron Hagen. To see more photos visit Cameron Hagen Photography and Marcos Barradas Photography. D3 Race to 4 1....
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