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The Zone

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The zone is something that we hear talked a lot about in sports. Basketball players have described it as the hoop looking as big as a swimming pool. It's just one of those moments in life were everything around you feels like it is in slow motion except you. You can see and hear everything, seem to react quicker, and almost have a 6th sense about what is going to happen next. In paintball it seems like you cannot miss, do not run out of paint or air, always duck or make it to cover just in time, and make one great decision after the other. Hopefully everyone has experienced that at least once in their life in relation to something they enjoy. It's truly a great experience.

Of course there is also the complete and polar opposite as well. Not being in the zone or the anti-zone. Everything around you is in fast forward, while you are in slow motion. You are running but seem to go no where, people seems to repel your paint, everyone knows exactly when you are going to peak around a bunker, pods break, marker acts up, etc. Sunday was one of these days for me.

Anyone got any good stories about being in the zone or way out of it?

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  1. Winter's Avatar
    Damn should have said something. It's not like we're lacking in equipment for friends to use.
  2. sammot00's Avatar
    My gear was all performing well, it was the user that was struggling. lol.
  3. nweaver's Avatar
    My weekend was similar. It really got me in touch with how important sleep and hydration are. Saturday was frustrating because I could see what I was doing wrong, but was just too tired to really change anything. I was moving slower, making stupid decisions, and getting winded much earlier than I normally do. By Sunday afternoon, frustration was gone and I just sunk into a type of haze. I was just kind of going through the motions. I don't even really remember any particular game on Sunday, just a few instances that stood out. From now on, if I'm that exhausted, I think I'll just stay home.
  4. sammot00's Avatar
    Yeah, I learned that going to bed after 2am, drinking, being hungover, and dehydrated do not mix well with paintball.