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Got got.

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Last night I was ratting with some of the guys from Ascendant in L-A, I was late and rather then travel back to BYXF I logged off in space at a safe. Fast forward to today and I logged on, lo and behold, there were 2 Neutrals in local, but I had 5 or so safes spread across the system so I started bouncing between them waiting them out so I could make my way home. Fountaindef was reporting much activity from PNQY down to Hop, I should have just logged then, but no I had to dick around hoping they would leave. About 10 minutes of this and being chased by some scan probes from a Buzzard and the inevitable happened, I landed on grid at a safe and oh look, a Buzzard was there! He quickly locked and pointed me, my raven was obviously to slow to hope to get away and my cruise missiles would have done nothing to the Buzzard. Then his friend in a Sleipnir and 2 drakes arrived and that was pretty much all she wrote.

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have loitered at any safes for any amount of time and really I should have just logged as soon as I saw the reds in local and read all the activity on Fountaindef. As for the fight, maybe if I had sicced my hobgoblins and target painter on the Buzzard I might have been able to kill it, but I doubt it. What would you guys have done?

Didn't really want that Raven anyway.

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  1. The Hater's Avatar
    from what I can tell, you suck?