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Damn you Caitlin!

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How do you know EVE is a complex game? After playing for over a year I still don’t know about over half of the major game mechanics and am still finding new utility in the UI. On Sunday my roommate and I took a “class” on Planetary Interaction, done by the Goons PI guru. Like the song says “I’ve got the magic in me” at least once my skills train that is. It was remarkably well done with videos and almost 5 hours of lecture, needless to say I am quite excite about starting PI for myself. In other news I got my Bugswatter Hurricane put together and took it out for a spin, the fleet was hunting a stealth bomber, I set up on the gate, turned my sensor boosters and tracking computer on and waited with my guns armed. The red jumped through the gate, uncloaked and in under a second was exploded but yours truly. The rest of the fleet didn’t even get to lock the red up, they were displeased, I suppose drinks are on me. Other than that our little region of Fountain has been quiet, though I keep seeing Pandemic Legion scouts flying around, looking for a juicy hotdrop target I suspect. There has been talk of getting our mining ships out and grinding some rocks up, might be worth it to get my hulk jumped down here so I can get a little use out of those damn skills I trained for.

Paintball on Saturday was a good time, stormed the Alamo with a team mate of mine, always intense that. Got to use a CCM S6 again, I want one like real bad, though I am somewhat torn as to the colors, Gloss Purple and White maybe. There were quite a lot of people out at the field, more then we have had all year, though considering it was almost 65 degrees that’s hardly a surprise, summer cannot, in fact, come soon enough. I do need to shoot more video and take more photos though, I think on Friday one of the teammates and I are going to be storyboarding for a new PB video, now here’s to hoping the semi-lucid ideas I have in my head can be turned into something that I can actually film and remain coherent. I also think I am going to go out to the field sometime this week to shoot some stock footage without people or my mask getting in the way.
Work was awful this week, due to tear gas, WTF you might be thinking, well allow me to illustrate the situation for you. When someone is in their home and the police decide it’s time for the tear gas to come out, they don’t just shoot one or two round of it into a home, oh no, they have to get it everywhere, since they obviously don’t know exactly where the suspect is in a house. To do this they shoot the canisters through the windows, all of them. Eventually these windows need to be replaced and this is where I come in. The tear gas seems to be, rather than a gas as one might imagine, very fine particulates, that stick to, and get behind, everything. So every time we had to rip the window frame from the wall, SUDDENLY, TEAR GAS IN THE FACE. There were 12 windows in this house, I felt like I was in Cairo (Not Tripoli, because Gaddafi just shoots his protesters with war planes), so by extension I got tear gassed 12 times this week. Though other then feeling a bit like I was at the Battle of the Somme, it wasn’t too bad, comparatively, sort of. I was strongly considering trying to take some of this residue with me to **** with my friends, but trying to get it off the wall and into a Ziploc bag was far too hard.

Worked on a new IPA recipe last night, hopefully a little less insane then our last one, though we did manage to forget to do pretty much everything while brewing, I blame the tear gas affecting my already poor mental faculties. I finally got to taste our red beer that we ****ed up by not carbonating it, I think that one is soon destined to go down the sink, but it was a learning experience… been having a lot of those recently.

Speaking of mental Faculties, as I was on the way home from brewing, I was hailed by a rather attractive girl hitchhiking. The retarded part of the story is after I took her to wherever she wanted me to drop her off, I failed to ask for her number, or even last name. At the time, in my quite sleepy state, my thoughts were “She has already had quite an unpleasant night and getting hit on by some goober that drove her 10 blocks would be in poor taste.” This morning I feel that was the wrong choice and alas it is too late (and would be too stalkerish) to try and rectify it now, but what would you all have done? Yes I know my man card may be revoked and all and generally speaking I think white-knighting is laughable at best so get the mocking out of the way.

Another, unrelated question, would you guys ever use a Facebook connect feature to log into a forum? Or are you like me and you want your online stuff and AFK stuff to never really intersect?

Also here are some of the tunes I have been rocking at full force recently, just felt like sharing I guess.
Kraddy – Steppin Razor
The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days
Ok, off to work out I think.

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