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Bringing women into paintball

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The majority of women would not want to be treated any different on the field. I know I certainly wouldn't and think that is part of the problem. Also the main stream media is a huge part of the problem as well, they should be showing more real women in paintball instead of the inappropriate view of women you see all the time. It's really no wonder alot of men would not take women in paintball seriously. When it comes to paintball women should not be looked at as eye candy, they should be looked at as competition. I mean really bikini contests going on at big paintball events??? How many men would want to jump into the sport after looking it up online and seeing half naked men running around showing of their markers....LOL

As for taking it easy on women, I can understand that when someone is first getting into the sport but that should not just be women, it should be any newbie. I have actually heard male players admit that the first time they got on the field and started to hear the paint flying they were scared so like I said the players sex should not matter.

Anyway I think the way to get women into paintball is to show them they are just the same as any other player, and show them that their is alot of real women out there who play paintball and love it, welts and all.....

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  1. BIGBOSS_202's Avatar
    Not a bad read. I've blogged about the subject matter before.

    Guess we can compare notes on this one lol