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A division that really shouldn't exist

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As long as there has been paintball there's been a problem that just will not go away. I speak of course, of the long division between scenario/milsim/wanna-be GI Joe players and the paint -wasting, ramp-whore speedballers we all know and love/loathe.

Note what I said there. We'll come back to it later.

Anyone worth their salt as a paintball player knows where the sport came from and where we are now, so I won't wax nostalgic. Let's go with what we know and continue.

On any given weekend, we go out to the field and perceive two distinct types of player: The Speedballer, decked out in their jersey, rocking a midrange to OMFGthat'sexpensive markers, rolling with a Rotor or the like, talking lanes, bunkering, call know the drill.

And on the other side (since they very rarely mix), we have the camo clad, unit patch wearing, tactically blinged out Tippmanns and/or magfed markers, talking tactics, objectives, reviewing hand signals...wait, just a minute.

Sounds similar, doesn't it?
Save for equipment and game type...we're all doing the same thing.
Interesting, isn't it? I would say so.

Now, let's go back to the beginning of this little observation.

Here we have two groups, who very rarely have anything nice to say to each other - everything in the opening paragraph are things I've heard, or read being said about each other.

Food for thought, people. Do try some, you might like the taste.
The game is changing, folks, and as has been said by people much more verbose than myself, we're not getting any younger, and it seems less people are coming in, and more people going out.

That being said, stop it. We're not hurting anyone but ourselves with this kind of divide. I know I'm just whispering into a hurricane, but at least I'm saying it.

Love, Peace and Bacon Grease,


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  1. DJ T-Tom's Avatar
    It's just the unfortunate truth. It's a problem that will continues to exist, no matter how trivial it truly is. I know this because I play both woods and speedball, and I'm a devoted airsoft player and obsessed paintball player all at once. What makes it worse is when I tell my friends (whom I might add got into Airsoft because I was the one got them into airsoft in the first place) found out that I'll be playing paintball during the cold months, they began trying to talk me out of it. It's literally the same thing.

    All the hate between "Sides" (whether it be Woodsball vs. Speedball or Paintball vs. Airsoft) is senseless, and it's literally discrimination and prejudice. Yeah, it's not racial, but it is malice directed towards another "different" group that one doesn't associate themselves with. Definitely a good read, and strong food for thought.