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A slow night, so time for some maintenance...

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While I don't have as many markers as some, I pride myself on having a somewhat eclectic one. Four Tippmans, a 'cocker, a couple OOP Delta 68's, a G1/SP1 and a Tiberius 9.1 in a ranger format.
So come time for minor maintenance and cleaning, you'll find me at the kitchen table with an asston of allen wrenches, o-rings and lube, slaving away for a couple hours.

Tippmann's I love (save for the TPX-ZOMGWTFBBQ) to work on. A few pins, and we're in and out. Although, they can be a wee bit cranky on leakage on the reassembly. Usually I allow an hour just for the sake of a case of, "Why do I have spare parts" Syndrome.

My G1...fairly simple on minor cleaning. Stock/back plate off, unscrew the bolt backing and pow. Done. The idea of totally breaking this down? Uh-uh. No thank you. And don't even get me started on programming the thing. The instructions LOOK easy. But the cake is a lie-trust me on this.

My autococker? Ooooooh, ho, ho, ho.
So easy, I wonder why they stopped making them. Timing? Weeeeeell, let's just say I'd be sending it off somewhere. Thankfully, a Trilogy is (for the most part) idiot-proof.

My Deltas? They still aren't working. They're on the back burner right now, and I don't see me doing anything with them anytime soon. Don't get me wrong, when they work, they work well. But keeping them working is like driving an Alfa-Romeo. Look at them funny and it's crash-bang-tinkle.
I wish I'd never bought them, but DAMN do they look schmexy.

The Tiberius...oh the Tiberius. Looks schmexy as well, buuuuut it keeps leaking. Right now, it's also not on my to-do list just because of the sheer fact that I just don't feel like messing with it-I have a love/hate relationship with this marker, just because of the fact that it looks badass, shoots FS rounds....and goes through a 13oz tank in 15 minutes due to the leak. Most vexing.

As the season draws to a close, I'll find the time to totally break down and clean these suckers...

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Updated 08-02-2012 at 10:15 AM by Winter

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  1. GTRedWolf's Avatar
    Ahh the TPX it's even more fun to put together with the remote line adapter still attached . Compared to my two Tippmann's the Tiberius is definitely finicky, luckily the guys at Tiberius are pretty good.