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5-Man Tournament June 10th

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Today was my first experience in a 5-man tournament and I had lots of fun, and some interesting experiences as well.

Our first match of the day was against Anomaly (friends and friendly rivals), who took first place in the first 5-man tournament. They beat us 2-0 and got their revenge for the 3-man tournament. I was covering D-side tape and was dumb and impatient, which resulted in getting shot out almost immediately (leaned out to shoot at home and got tagged but I'm still not sure who actually shot me. I think it was Josh). Second match went better overall but the end result was the same. I did enjoy shooting out Erik though as he made a run to the car wash. The better team won, but the Honey Badgers will keep gunning for you.

We had trouble hearing the head ref all day long and if it was not for hand signals, I would have had no clue when the matches actually started. I got to hang the flag one game but was almost called out for a dirty hang. The reason being that I had a piece of spectrum shell wedged into the knuckle of my glove. The problem with almost calling me out is that no one on the field was using spectrum (it's their scenario paint and they don't sell it for tournament play). But I learned my lesson and the gloves came off.

During the second match, my camera flew off my helmet and the ref told me that if I threw my camera again I would recieve a penalty. When I tried to explain that it actually flew off while running, he said it did not matter. Another lesson learned and the camera came off. Going to guy a barrel mount for the next tournament because I'm bummed that I did not get any footage.

All day long I witnessed people helping members of opposing teams within seconds of trying their best to eliminate that other person. Loaning tools, giving suggestions, picking up pods, reminding of barrel bags, and other countless acts of kindness and comradery that I have experienced in no other sports I've every played (track, cross country, baseball, wrestling, and swimming).

While the Honey Badgers finished 5th (possibly 6th) and missed the semi-finals by one hanged flag, I had a blast and learned a lot. I know that speedball can be a bit intimidating if you are just watching or even the first couple of time that you try playing it (I was intimidated as hell and was eliminated in 3 seconds), it truly is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. Win or lose, it's not an experience that you will soon forget.

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  1. nweaver's Avatar
    You did great Charles, that Dorito tape line was locked down all day.
  2. Jonny's Avatar
    Thats awesome bro! Whats your teams name?
  3. sammot00's Avatar
    Honey badgers. Here is video of the "Camera Incident". No real audio but you get to see me get eliminated, my teammate nick gets bunkered, and the ref kicks my camera.