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  1. A division that really shouldn't exist

    As long as there has been paintball there's been a problem that just will not go away. I speak of course, of the long division between scenario/milsim/wanna-be GI Joe players and the paint -wasting, ramp-whore speedballers we all know and love/loathe.

    Note what I said there. We'll come back to it later.

    Anyone worth their salt as a paintball player knows where the sport came from and where we are now, so I won't wax nostalgic. Let's go with what we know and continue. ...
  2. And odd chain of events.

    Over the past few days, there have been a series of posts here on the Riot that have set me to thinking, and in some cases, asking, "WTH?"

    The first thing: Women and paintball.

    Now, women are a rarity, there's no getting by this. I can't say whether or not this is changing, but the amount I see on the rare occasions I get out are comforting.
    I've introduced a couple to paintball, and both of them, once they got the first hit, both went crazy over it. ...
  3. Another year...

    ...and hoping to play more this year.

    There's a lot of things I didn't do last year that I really wanted to.

    Playing a major scenario, getting my Delta's back up and running, overhauling my old A5, etc.

    So this year, I seek to change all this. Now that the other half is done with school, and hopefully getting a job soon, that means I should have some more disposable income.

    So, with the above in mind, I have a wish list for the year;
  4. A good way to present a good picture to new players, or; "How NOT to do it."

    So today, Dave and I head out to Dynamic paintball for their Autism benefit. We'd pre-registered, and everything was hunky-dory.
    We get there, set up shop (we'd gotten there later than we'd have liked, so all the shaded area was taken. We spend a lot of time (way more than there should have been for an event) talking with people about gear and the like.
    I go up to chrono my 'cocker, and immediately I started having issues trying to get the velocity down (They are 290fps field rule). ...

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  5. A slow night, so time for some maintenance...

    While I don't have as many markers as some, I pride myself on having a somewhat eclectic one. Four Tippmans, a 'cocker, a couple OOP Delta 68's, a G1/SP1 and a Tiberius 9.1 in a ranger format.
    So come time for minor maintenance and cleaning, you'll find me at the kitchen table with an asston of allen wrenches, o-rings and lube, slaving away for a couple hours.

    Tippmann's I love (save for the TPX-ZOMGWTFBBQ) to work on. A few pins, and we're in and out. Although, they can ...

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