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  1. 5-Man Tournament June 10th

    Today was my first experience in a 5-man tournament and I had lots of fun, and some interesting experiences as well.

    Our first match of the day was against Anomaly (friends and friendly rivals), who took first place in the first 5-man tournament. They beat us 2-0 and got their revenge for the 3-man tournament. I was covering D-side tape and was dumb and impatient, which resulted in getting shot out almost immediately (leaned out to shoot at home and got tagged but I'm still not ...
  2. The Zone

    The zone is something that we hear talked a lot about in sports. Basketball players have described it as the hoop looking as big as a swimming pool. It's just one of those moments in life were everything around you feels like it is in slow motion except you. You can see and hear everything, seem to react quicker, and almost have a 6th sense about what is going to happen next. In paintball it seems like you cannot miss, do not run out of paint or air, always duck or make it to cover just in time, ...
  3. Accuracy

    I started shooting handguns and long rifles around the age of six. My father being in the Army and an avid gun collector, it was just natural that I grow up shooting. Admitted I suck with handguns, not sure why but anything larger than a .22 and I cannot consistently hit anything. I'm decent with a 1911 Colt combat commander, but not good. However, I'm the exact opposite when it come to rifles. Doesn't matter if it has a scope or not. Hand me a rifle, point at something, and I'll hit it. ...