View Full Version : UFC/MMA good times

12-18-2011, 05:57 PM
In today's world, it's considered tasteful for a guy to be feminized. Thanks to pop culture acts like Justin Beiber, and a few others, I at times see the emotional castration of the male species. I'm grateful that their are some things that men can still see that cranks up the testosterone.

From our most primitive times, we loved to see a good fight. In ancient Greece, it was funeral games in witch slaves would fight to the death as a way to honor those who have died. The early olympics, fighters fought to the death with leather straps wrapped around their fists. Then came the age of the Roman empire were these games transformed into a spectacle of carnage. Part sport, part capitol punishment, part theater. The era of gladiators was soaked in blood and intoxicated crowds who wanted to see brutality at it's finest.

Today we have a similar idea called MMA and other formats like the UFC in witch fighters step into a cage like their gladiatorial ancestors to fight with their hands. In some ways we still have that deep seeded blood lust. The only difference is today, fighters are able to live to see retirement instead of being carried off as a corps.